Is it about time Yasuo and Riven stopped being "Edgy"

and Riot just gives them mana, like every other champion in the game, bar the ones that use energy. I never understood why they did this in the first place. They have absolutely nothing to gate their abilities which means they can easily outlast any lane opponent since they get free push due to spammable, low cooldown abilities at no cost and nothing to gate them. I never understood why they had to be "different" then other champions. Is this simply because Riot was trying too hard to make them "edgy", like Reaper in Overwatch? Hell, Windwall ALONE should have a massive cost attached to it, just for its utility. Considering that {{champion:44}}'s early game mana cost for LESS effective shielding abilities is ridiculously high. But no, {{champion:157}} gets one of the best shielding abilities in the game, for free... because... edgy and because.... voiced by Illidian Stormrage... No doubt the kids of League will downvote this because {{champion:157}} and {{champion:92}} appeal to their "teenage angst" because they are both exiles but for the rest of us... adults here. I do not see why both of these champions need such "training wheels" so that edgy teenagers can endlessly spam their abilities.
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