Let's talk about armour and marksmen.

{{item:3075}} is now garbage. Heck, armour overall is sort of "useless". It's there, but at the same time it isn't. You don't feel the presence of it. Just last game I was 163 armour {{champion:36}} vs two 120 AD marksmen. Neither had any armour penetration and I was forced to use ultimate two seconds in because I was already on quarter of my health. {{item:3075}} did absolutely nothing. I feel like, that unless you have damage built into your kit ({{champion:122}} , {{champion:420}}) or you have a lot of CC/stat reducers ({{champion:20}} , {{champion:33}} , {{champion:54}}) you're not actually very useful and could be even called useless. Don't even mention the 1.3k gold item {{item:3035}} that genuinely makes you a sheet of paper. Marksmen with LS or champions like {{champion:114}} go full damage default and they tank harder than actual tanks just because they steal everything back. I'm sorry but I'm tired of this "meta-marksmen-dominate-everything meta". Tanks used to be tanky, low damage, some CC but TANKY guys that could run around the map not worrying about getting bursted by an ADC in two seconds. I want that back.
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