I would like to ask RIOT why are they doing this! #FREETHEWOMENBODY

So, what I want to talk about and I really feel in need to is the fact that RIOT is trying to not sexualize women in League. Recently, we have seen the new splash arts. So, for example, Evelynn, whose splash art (Shadow Evelynn) is beeing changed we can see that she doesn't look even closer to what she is and what she is in game. They changed the chinese splash art and made her a skinny as* b*tch when she is super sexy! Another example is Waterloo Miss Fortune, check for yourself! And so on... What they are doing really drives me crazy! And no, I am not a boy who likes to see women with big tits! I AM GAY AND I SUPPORT WOMEN FREEDOM AND THEIR SEXUALITY! WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE A GOOD BODY! Are we backing to the stone age where all was censored? I am really mad and I am sorry if I was too rude, but this is absolutely unacceptable! ORIGINAL (WHERE SHE REALLY IS WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE) https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/88/fb/83/88fb83b43e5cecf189f99917a56b2ab4.jpg NEW CENSORED http://img2.leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/card-asset/wallpaper_165px_6522.jpg
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