Tryndamere is not strong just tedious to play against

Let's face it, there's nothing more annoying in this game than a Tryndamere. The guy is a berserker, he was designed as a champion who should be fighting not simply pushing all game without any regard to what is happening in the game. Never mind the fact that the guy just runs away on the sign of any challenge. The game turns into a 4v4 all game because he forces one champion to sit there and absorb all waves just so he doesn't reach your inhib. It's the most mindnumbing playstyle I can think of. If you stop tryndamere from splitpushing you have to rely on your team to win the game, there's nothing else you can do but hope your team is semi decent and can win without you. The thing is, he's not even strong. He's just completely boring to play against, I could just build sunfire and all armor items and sit the lane he is at and we would go nowhere for the next 2 hours.
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