After alienating ADC Players now Riot wants to alienate Junglers

I'm mind boggled ...Critics and experts say that Season 9 will determinate if league will wither and die or get back to relevancy ....Yet somehow riot balance team strikes again Huge jungle nerfs ... removing carry junglers from the face of the rift and pushing forward tank and support junglers : Who didn't almost see any play except on the pro scene(on previous patchs) ...being outclassed by almost everything played on toplane.. Obviously what's bothering me right now is that even by successfully ganking as a carry jungler you will be 2 to 3 levels bellow your sololaner and so almost useless by mid to late game ... But let's say for the sake of argument that riot is pushing a new meta ...This IMHO is a lazy fix removing tanks from top throwing them into the jungle as being gold and level starved will not affect their efficiency ...and so replacing carry junglers which will lead to a less variety in champion choice in the long run Brother junglers feel free to share your input Best regards
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