pantheon became a very weak chamion

Hello Riot , first , would like to apologize for my (probably) bad English . Ok , i hope you Rior will take this problem seriously . I am a pantheon player , last season i hit gold and preseason plat (still bad i know ) , the problem is that panthen is now getting countred by all champions in league (assasins , bruisers , tanks , supports, adcs ...) and by saying all champs i realy mean it . we all know the meta right now , top lane players all run second wind / doran shield / iron skin . pantheon use to be a bully champ but now when i use my spear in lane (besides taking minion agro=taking dmg) my opponent not only dosent take any dmg but alsot get more heals (by doran shield/second win) . by hitting q im actualy healing him . so no more Q spam no more lane dominance all i can do now is focus on farming , there is literly nothing a pantheon can do against any champion , his early game is terrible now (witch use to be the good thing about panth) . But with all this , that dosent mean i didnt kill my opponents or win games , i actualy did and alot . but once i face good opponents who know (easly) how to counter pantheon there is nothing i can do besides farming and this became realy boring . there are alot of champs now that have better early game and scales better then pantheon . there is one challanger player playing pantheon (named keegun he is realy good on panth but still deservs better thanks to his skill and game knowlage , he steams eavry day , ) . U can check the steam and u will see how pantheon is realy garbage at the moment) . maybe a 15% to 30% shread on his Q will help him face those tanks in top lane (like wukong) and increase a bit hes mana pool witch is realy a big problem , using my Q , W , E twice and all my mana is gone , meanwhite the riven i face heals back all my dmg and still can use her ailitys ... :( anyways i hope that this will lead to something good for all . thank you .
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