So just got a Darius penta kill..

And OMG ALL THE KITING WAS WORTH IT! I was getting kited to oblivion, and barely kept my health to 60% with Q's, then I got fed up and flash Q right in the middle of the enemy team. I healed and W lux and ultied her to get my passive going. Went for Nasus and the enemy team, who was running away decided to stay and help Nasus. So I ignored him, and went for brand and Q W Ult then Ezrael E Auto Auto Ult then ignited nasus and Q W Q W Ult, then yi came running to me only to get Q Q Ulted. GOD I WAS COMPLETELY RAGED THE WHOLE TIME AND FUCKIN ANGRY... I guess thats just another day with the Dunkmaster!

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