STOP nerfing Irelia

Hi everybody, It is regarding new 9.2 patch that is coming next week and new nerfs coming towards Irelia. I mean, since her rework she is only getting nerfs and this is happening almost every second patch. Besides nerfing her, Riot also nerfing Conqueror which is the perfect rune for her. The thing is, ok, you are nerfing her Q not to deal double bonus damage to minions, I agree, her wave clear is insane, so its something that is quiet understandable and her R nerf will no disarm enemy's, instead it will deal more damage and will slow them more, but, what is not fair, is her passive's nerf - "No longer deals bonus damage to shields" I mean her passive is the only thing that keeps her viable on top lane to trade against bruisers and tanky enemies. People keeps spamming how OP Irelia is, YES she is OP but some mechanics required and BRAIN usage, she has a great 1 v 1, 1 v 2, 1 v 3, outplay potential, but you have to know how to use her spells properly and surrounding minions and resets on your Q, but no one complains about for example Garen - When building 0 armor items, still has tons of it, goes BC and 4 defensive items, still one shots ADC's, not to talk about his ult, and still requires 0 skills and brain to use. What about Darius? His passive is not supposed to be nerfed??? Also 5 defensive items - still 400 AD and 4000 health etc... But ok, Darius is at least kiteable and requires some skills, not to mention other champions that had last nerf 3-4 seasons ago. Stop reworking champions and then nerfing them to the ground after a few months. Thanks
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