TFT: Ruining in-game progression: Hextech origin, as if Cursed Blade wasn't enough!

Four New Champions and Hextech Origin Coming to TFT, Available on PBE Today * The Game Haus
It will be announced later today on July 31 that TFT would be adding in a new Hextech origin as well as four new champions from League of Legends: Camille, Jayce, Vi and Jinx. All of this will be moving onto the PBE immediately and will be set to go...
So, right now we have {{item:3137}} that literally ruins every bit of progress you make in game by lowering your units level by 1, **for the rest of the fight**, each time it procs. I already expressed my thoughts on this item, and 2 more items, in my thread: [Please remove Cursed Blade and hard nerf Hush and Sword Breaker!]( so I'm not gonna repeat myself here, you can check it out for yourself if anyone is curious. But now, if this article is correct, we're gonna have a new origin called **Hextech**, which trait reads: > At 2/4 Hextech will disable 2/4 random items on the enemy’s board at the start of combat. **ARE YOU %%%%ING KIDDING ME, RIOT**?!... Like seriously, is this a joke?! First, you put {{item:3137}} in the game that makes all that time I spent ranking up my units, **WASTED**! Now, you introduce a new trait that literally makes all the time I spend getting items and stuffing my units, **WASTED** too! Like... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Please, for the love of whatever you believe in, explain to me this: Isn't the **goal** of TFT _getting units with certain synergies from the shop/carousel, ranking their level up and stuffing some of them with items, so we can survive several rounds of PvE and PvP fights until one player is left standing_?! Then, WHY THE %%%% would you put in an item (Cursed Blade) and a trait (Hextech), that literally do the opposite of what the game intends you to do?! You're making a game based on a progression system only to then jeopardize said progression with BULLSHIT items and traits like this... Not to mention the stupid **RNG** system that makes getting fully upgraded items so hard, especially if you're unlucky, that Cursed Blade, combined with the new Hextech trait, will literally prohibit those unlucky players from playing the game... like, **LITERALLY**! The game's motto is becoming more and more like " _**Be lucky, or lose**_ ". **This is even worse than loot boxes**! At least, loot boxes are optional and can be ignored for the most part. THIS, on the other hand, is IN THE %%%%ING GAME! You can't simply ignore it, you need to play with/against it. **It's part of the gameplay!** How is it humanly possible to be this stupid?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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