So how do I deal with Aatrox?

Here's the thing, I tried playing against Aatrox with quite a few champions. I am yet to beat him with any champion in lane. So what prompted me to ask this question? You see on Irelia I can manage, at least to not fed. On Mordekaiser, generally regarded as a lane bully especially in a melee match up I got taken to almost half hp with an auto and 1 Q on the edge. Just that. On Yasuo same. Which would be fine if he wasn't able to heal from the passive and edge hit more than I can do damage to him. Fun thing, I like playing Aatrox, so I was on both sides of the coin. And let me tell you playing Aatrox feels as disgusting as playing against him. Shit can burst you 100 to 0 at level 3 and if you are not on a mobile champion you cannot do anything cause you cant escape his W. So what the hell do you do against this overtuned shit ?
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