Supports must be honored

Hey everyone I have noticed everytime as a ADC main that supports never get congratulated on how they played, it's always the ADC who did all the work according to everyone but the truth is that the ADC wouldn't have been able to do anything in his/her lane if it wasn't for the support. I have seen countless times that people on the enemy team say that their support is terrible and can't do anything right when it is actually the enemy ADC that can't do anything. And now people that don't want to play support. Support is actually a really fun role to play, when you cc the enemy bot lane and see your ADC get a double or when you save your ADC from death ( thresh lantern ). Guys support isn't that bad, I have seen people queue dodge so many times because of the autofill thing that is added which annoys me, or I get a trolling support. One time I had a katarina support in a ranked game during my promos. So thank you all of the supports out there, I know there are few of you out there but it is still good to know that there are still supports out there, bad, average, amazing, all of those supports I would like to thank And another thing, all my fellow ADC mains, don't flame your support it will just make him/her play worse which will not be in your favor, encouraging your support to do better and forgiving them for the mistakes they make will make them play atleast 30-50 % better rather than 70% worse So all the supports out there, continue being those amazing people that get their ADC fed and create a easy win for your team in team fights or creating that 50/0/0 Draven ( a bit inaccurate ) at 2 minutes that 1 shots everyone. Thanks
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