I tried out Inting Sion, what I've learned and what should be done.

{{champion:14}} BY THE GODS IS HE SO FREAKING BROKE. Maybe it's not a good idea to fully int, ( I.e. Running into enemy tower at level 1. ) but farming until you have your first core item and then running into their tower is best. A guide told me to go: {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3748}} - To farm quicker so that you gain more HP. Along with Demolish and Overgrowth can slab on about 1000 +/- health at around 90 CS and Titanic Hydra. {{item:3053}} - This item grants a boost to AD without building AD. Along with this, this grants a shield based on BONUS health, and 30% Tenacity for 7 seconds. Meaning he can continually smack a tower with 30% less crowd control to be stopped. {{item:3512}} - The first and every fourth Zz'Rot voidlings deal 15% of your total health as bonus damage. Along with this, bonus movement speed to towers, fallen towers or enemy towers... Enemy towers... Enemy towers... ENEMY TOWERS.... E N E M Y . T O W E R S ... Now I'm gonna butt in and say this, when the enemy team is finally seeing the massive overbearing damage you do to towers... {{item:3056}} - This item can save you a little time for Demolish to go off before turrets go up again, which is quite handy when you'll constantly be contested 1 v 4. ___ A few counterpicks to Inting Sion is any champion who can push him away after he has used his ultimate. For example; Poppy, Alistar, Vayne. Another option is champions who can reduce armor, healing, attack speed or %health. For example; Vayne, Aatrox, Nasus. Note for midlaners and ADCs with an enemy Inting Sion: Take 'Cut Down' if you want to stop him easily. For ally inting Sions: No better jungler for an inting Sion than a jungler who constantly needs farm or kills quickly, like Twitch, Kindred or Talon. Good midlaners for an inting Sion is any one-item mid-laner like Yasuo or Lux, as they'll gain the gold boost from the taken towers ever so often, especially mid-laners like Twisted Fate who gain bonus gold from killing. A good support is someone who can throw down a massive shield or counter CC. Like Morgana or Rakan. Great ADCs is literally any ADC who depends on items.
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