any cheesy support tactics?

i really want to be a support main, but these days being support is a bit of a gamble since you cant allways trust your adc... another thing that prevents me from carrying my team/being usefull is that everyone wants to play carries, not tanks, so i end up looking at my team composition too much and end up picking tanks most of the time. morgana id my favourite support, hitting a q is a death sentence most of the time and if i dont trust my adc, i can start stealing some cs with my tormented soil and then just say that i didnt mean to, i just wanted to push quick.building ap and penetration can make tanks useles because they cant move and tormented soil is a great annoying zoning tool. oh and dont get me started on black shield, if the enemy doesnet know how it works, they get confused as hell as to why their cc didnt work, if they know what it does, it all just becomes a huge mind game, or like a cowboy shooting where they stand and wait for who does what first. im asking you all to post what supports you like to cheese with ({{champion:53}} is made of chese and we all know how annoying he is so, no blitzcrank, thank you. i've had a few sion supports, really great, since its unexpected but i really hate that his W passive is going to waste in the support role
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