Brief idea for future Udyr rework

You may have seen in the past people discussing that fact that so much time has passed since Udyr's ultimate skin, that it now only looks as good as his base skin should look were he to get the update that he so badly needs. The dilemma for LoL team surely is that they can't replace his base skin with something similar to the ultimate skin, because then what would they do with his ultimate skin? They can't remove it, because there are Udyr players out there who use it. But how do they improve the ultimate skin, since all it really is currently is a nicer version of Udyr, and the VGU will already aim to make base Udyr look the best possible. My solution to this problem is very simple. When they do finally rework Udyr, they should replace his ultimate skin with something completely different, an entirely new concept. I suppose it can still be called Spirit Guard, but let it look completely different from his new base skin and rather than just looking like better Udyr, let it completely alter his theme. I imagine this may already be what they would have done, and isn't necessarily insightful, but I've been stuck on this problem for a while.
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