So Ezreal got Love, now give Ezreals Love, some Love too (Lux rework?)

So, ezreal got some upgrade, what about his lovely Lux? Except the Ultimate skin, the lux Skins looks outdated ingame, and her sounds should geht reworked too. Lux is an very old champion (young lady, but old character/release date) I would love to See Lux in ESL or other e-sport games one day. (I cant remember if lux was ever been played in e-sport) Lux passive should geht a rework, specialy to buff her support ability, Like they did with zyra too. Lux passive doesnt fit with her kit of a long range caster, if she goes in AA range to proc her passive she is Like dead. So Luxanna Crownguard is Demacians Lady oft Luminousity, - how about change her passive to some utility tool. Guess what, Light is enlighten the Areal if its hit, so my suggestion to a New/Better Lux passive would be: *Enlighten: Lux damaging spells (Q,E,R) Enlighten the enemys(minions/champs/baron/...) she hit for 3/4/5/6 (level 1/6/11/16) seconds, thats proccing True-sight on them (makes them visible (even if camouflages)) and enlighting a small area around them (Like teemo shrooms/zyra plants)* [This effect has a synergy with rylais, slowing them for 20%]
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