eve is soooooo garbage now ... lol

look at his i won 2 games in a row as a%%%%ing 5/4/11 in solo q solo %%%%ing q ... and lost an easy game as eve 14/6/2 in flex and luck y me i was with a chalinger vs gold and we lost {{champion:33}} > {{champion:28}} look at this now i will tell you how so {{champion:33}} he can gank at lvl 2 = as {{champion:28}} right after red {{champion:33}} can push lans once he have his jungle item faster than {{champion:28}} if i was {{champion:33}} vs {{champion:28}} and she have her ult her f her zonia too if she bught it if the first place ... i will just q and flash on her and she die ... 1 shot ... lol imagon full tank 1 shot assassin withch i did ... " you need redsmite cuz if she flash she burn " if you have ap in your team .... like a %%%%ing real hard stuck d5 who %%%%ing tast new champs in solo q ... eve is not your champ ..... and i saw that too many tims eve is tooo weak early that if her team tilt and don't know how eve work and think if she is 6/0 with 2 items ... she can just flash e r on someone and kill him .... lol that was wayyyyyy before the nerfs for her runs and the hard nerf on her e ... and players still think she is op ... she is wayyyyy to hard now to play .. i was main eve .... and i will only play her if i am vs nunu ... cuz he is way more uslass than eve ... ... i don't how to say that .. but in the end all of them are fed and i just weant 4 v 1 got a kill made them us too much on me and get out alive with +500hp as {{champion:33}} and you say that eve is bronkin XDDDDDDDD .... lol you suck sooo hard and don't know how to play ... imagon if you are vs {{champion:29}} jungle and he got fed .... how will you deal with him .. lol in the end i don't care or give a %%%% if you don't understand this ...cuz of my eng .... but i know that if somone like to understand this they can .... and if you are below plat 1 ... don't even talk .... get gud first ... iwas d4 promo to d3 then i %%%%ed up and now i am plat 1 recliming if you ask .. and no i will not stop flame my team if they suck ... that how life is .. you suck you get your ass %%%%ed .... so get gud ... iam going to play this brokin shit rammus to get my elo back

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