9.14 changes

Diana: nerf Support lux: Nerf Tahm kench: Welcome to the jungle, now please, get the %%%% out of top lane. Oh, but you're still neutered Sylas: We don't know what we're doing but let's hope it work Ryze: Meh, it's ryze. Ahri: Buff Morgana-lb-karma: Buff. like they already didn't have enough utility lol. (And btw, I main morgana). Aatrox: Let's take away the one thing that made the champion somewhat unique. Fizz: Buff Leona: Oh let's make him more resistant to teemo but make him less awesome as an enabler Yuumi: Let's make her early weaker despite it already being weak unless you max 1 ability. (Ok i understand it's around pro play but it won't stop yuumi:D She will just turn into assasin enabler overtime.) Pyke: BUFFFFF BUFFFFF BUFFF Let's make sure when he gets a kill with ultimate the lane is over. Or the game if he gets multiple. PS: This from a view of unexperienced troll who likes to sometimes make a bullshit post.
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