Issue/Suggestion Regarding Malphite's New Size Scaling

I'm a big fan of Malphite's size now scaling with armour and love running around as a man-mountain against AD comps. However his newfound thickness has made his irritating E (any Malphite player trying to hit a fleeing target with E while auto attacking knows this) even more of a pain. As you can see in the linked image, his E is now sometimes barely larger than his hitbox, meaning hitting it can involve you bumping into enemies to try to get in range. I also heard rumours that size changes AA range slightly, which would explain the increased trouble I have been having chasing someone down with E while trying to keep auto attacking. However I could not replicate this difference when I tested it so it may be insignificant. Regardless, trying to use Malphite's E when he has anything over 700 armour and an elixir (god forbid a Gargoyle's) seems to be far more difficult after the change. To remedy this I would suggest allowing the radius of his E to scale slightly with size, nothing drastic like Iceborn, but something to give him some leeway when using it at high armour values.
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