How do I improve my rank?

For the past few weeks I was silver 1, trying to get to gold promos 6 times, failing all of them. This week, I got a very unlucky lose streak and I demoted to s3. Now I feel like I am stuck here as I cannot win games . Whether I am fed or not, I constantly lose games either because our team comp makes us lose team fights or me or my team feed too hard. MMR is also against me as I only get 16 lp per win and -23lp per loss, making it very difficult to climb. I dunno whether it is because the champs I play suck or maybe i suck which is strange as I have been s1 for over a month and its only been this time where I lost hard and now I am hardstuck s3. Champs I usually play are morde/darius but i sometimes play bot lane jhin/twitch and also kayn jng. I have good macro but I dunno about the rest so if someone can help me or give feedback that would be good
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