Fiddlesticks rework suggestions

Hey! {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:9}} I recently saw the post about the new Fiddle and just wanted to share some emotions and thoughts I have about it. I know that they are similar to other's players but anyway I think it's better to share tho :) At first, I want to say your rework is absolutely amazing and it's a great try to make a really-scary champion in League of Legends. I think you did the best you could and even if it's only pre-fiddle, it looks stunning and absolutely bewitching. 1. Well, I have some thoughts about Fiddle auto attacks. I like how he actually attacks with the demon's hand inside of him and the way his body moves and turns is perfect. But I think you can add some more moving animations to his right hand with claws and to his hand that holds a scythe. But just a bit, so they won't take all the attention and will be just a good supplement. 2. This point is all about his R but I will make a separation there - at first I'll talk about Fiddle in his ultimate, and then about his ultimate. 2.1. If we look at the video of [Fiddle's new R animation](, you can see that brilliant and breathtaking animation just before he jumps in. Its demon is breaking out and rushing away from his body and at the very peak of that power, he flashes into the battle to kill everyone and everything and... he just stays still there in the normal form again? That's not how you scare the other 9 players in the game XD. I know that's a lot of work, but I feel like it would be a lot better if in R he would keep that form that we see just before he jumps when he is all black with that burning red circle inside of him, it looks really horrific and terrifying {{champion:9}}. Besides visuals, I think you can also change the animations and make him literally... burst and explode from the energy inside. Like, I see him shaking, twitching, maybe screaming, groaning??? roaring???. That would be just perfect. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} And now let's move to the visuals of his R. 2.2 I love that you've chosen that Red and Black pattern for his look and visuals of his abilities. But I think his R is pretty... boring? maybe simple? I feel like it's kinda similar to Swain's R which is not so good because we, players of League, really want to see unique champions and abilities and I'm sure you can make one of the best ultimates in the game here, with Fiddlesticks. So, my suggestions: We talk about the demon, so we need to see it's full demonic power. And if the power and its effects are the crows and ravens, we want to see hell a lot of them. Actually I see something like **Dome ** or more like **Sphere** of crows, just above all the players inside his ultimate, and there's should be really a lot of ravens. But the important one, is that you still should be able to see through it, maybe? Like through small gaps, appearing at different places all the time. And, of course, we want to hear a lot of screaming inside, and Fiddle's laughter, oh that would be just brilliant. Also, I think it would be perfect to make Fiddle's R blind enemy's, like taking them into the other dimension. Something similar to Mordekaiser's R, BUT I DON'T WANT TO MAKE IT TOO CLOSE TO IT. Maybe you can add some new interaction: There's Fiddle's R, and you can see it when you are not in the circle, and you hear the animation sounds (crows, screaming) and see that dome of ravens. And you cant go into it, so it's not closed to walk-in or walk-out. But when you are inside, you can't see the dome of crows, but you obviously can see fiddle and that beautiful red-black animation at the ground (I'm not sure if you can see other players in the animation, but I think you'd better do so it won't be like Mordekaiser's R. And you also can see enemy team players but only ones who are in the circle). And if the Fiddle in the enemy team and you are IN the ultimates, you can't see it's borders. It's endless for you (endless nightmare concept). You should guess where to go and how far you should go away from Fiddle to stay alive. Well, I think that's all the thoughts I have at the moment. Thank you for reading my post to the end, I really appreciate it. And you're of course welcome to discuss my opinion and suggest something more, or opposite points, I'm for sure open to discussion, because this new Fiddle is so amazing to me, and I want to make him the best we can. Regards, Railgun81
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