How do I improve my Pyke

Hey there folks, I have been playing {{champion:555}} for quite a while now, and not only on this account, and decided to start climbing on this one. In general it works well but I am still just in silver so I fear that I will, once again, not be able to pass {{item:2319}} . I got a bit fancy in my champ select recently but I wanna focus solely on {{champion:555}} for the moment. Because I am just a filthy low elo player I came here today to search a bit of advice. I am not good at noticing my mistakes and thus preventing them but if I learn what I can improve it would certainly help me out a lot. If you have a bit of time to spare for a support in need then please feel free to look at my match history etc and tell me what I could do better and what could help me to {{summoner:52}} to a higher elo.

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