I need a champ to counter assassins

Hello boys and girls, I need your advice about my champions pool for ranked. I'm currently Silver IV, I haven't played much, like 25 match. I'm a OTP {{champion:101}} mid. I play other champions but very poorly and never in ranked. The problem is, a get counterpicked a lot as you can imagine, so I would like to add a champ to my champions pool so that I can counter assassins or at least play something that isn't as immobile as {{champion:101}}. The champs I like and would like to play in ranked are {{champion:103}} ,{{champion:99}} , {{champion:105}} . I've only played them in ARAM, but I really like Lux and Ahri. Fizz not so much, but I know he's strong and a good pick vs assassins. Also, Lux would be in the same spot as Xerath, so she doesn't solve my problem. So my question is: are the champions I named good vs assassins? What other EASY champ should I consider? Any advice?
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