Reworked Ezreal for Fun in Ranked Game

[Match]( **I'm sure I'm better than you Darius..., You lost me the game Darius, You did nothing, I was at least doing something, come 1v1 noob, I don't play Ezreal, I play Ezreal for fun(Ranked), IDC, I Play Ezreal for fun** That's exactly what I hate your ADC picks something that is not good or simply can't play while the enemy picks something like Kai'Sa or Jhin destroying everything living... Despite Top, Jungle, Mid winning their lanes we lost game because our bot lane combined died 31 times 16(Ezreal) 15(Tahm) they were sometimes even blaming me saying I'm useless... What can I say It is easier to build up your Ego up to the skies and when you do a mistake instead apologizing you can just simply blame someone else because let's be honest how that lost game was because of Ezreal that died 16 times had 81 farm at 20th minute and 106 cs at the end of the game(37th min)...
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