Pls make Pyke regen scale with champion level

Pyke has little to no counterplay in general. Whilst the E and Q can be played around and W is clear the passive regen need to be changed to scale with level and have the scalinga altered so that it is weaker early game where it is pretty much impossible for the other team to do anything to him. As the team scales gaining more items and levels then I think his passive regen can be scaled up. But early game if you all In and he gets away with 100 health and comes back with 300 seconds later it is demoralising for the team, who may have made a good engage, to think it is impossible to counter him. Not counting the fact his set up is better than thresh and blitzcrank he also has an escape incase it goes wrong. I suggest champion levels with a bit of work done on his ad scalings since he is probably the most snowbally champs in the game since his ult changes. Tldr: Pyke needs his passive regen changed as he is too forgiving to be an assassin/support.
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