Lets talk about low Diamond.

I have been in diamond the last 3 seasons.(The 2 previous seasons i wasnt playing that much due to lack of time or i got banned due to toxicity).Since i got banned i took a break from the game and then came back.Played a few normals and then when i bought my main champion(Thresh) i started playing rankeds.I got placed on G4 and it took me about 9-13 days to reach D4 very easily i didnt even have to tryhard to reach P1. When i reached D4 and i saw my LP gain/loss i was stunned because its impossible to climb with this community.Never in my life ive seen this many players in a league trolling/inting/afking for minor and silly reasons i.e. my jger trolled/inted because noone picked for him(he was first pick).Like for real?Top laners losing the lane and still going full ad/ap or even building completely wrong items i.e. mr against ad champ like come on dude please.Also d4 is the most boosted division hands down.They have to fix it.The games in D4 are worthy to unistall the game litteraly.As a support main its not much that i can do when our team is completely behind rather than just seeing the enemy team steamrolling us.Thinking about it its fair cause "only the best" climb who win way more games than they lose.But in reality its SO unfair because D4 players is just a pile of feces.Why? They reached d4 and they dont even know the basics they consider themselves as the top 1% elite and the hdiden fakers.They try first time champs that saw in LEC/LCK or they read in a guide.They never correct their mistakes nor they care about it they just blame the others no matter what.Also from what ive noticed they are more toxic than bronze/silver/gold.I used to be toxic too(thats how i got banned) but i started fixing and improving my mistakes starting from loosing my temper and being toxic/negative and then move on to many more.Yet other players dont care and litteraly drag me and of course other players down.Im not saying that im a super skilled player and that i deserve challenger lol no.What im trying to say is that i deserve better teammates or at least equal skilled teammates. Any thoughts about Low Diamond?I really want to talk about it.Coming from a losing streak , i really need to talk it out cause im very disapointed from my last games.
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