My Idea for AP Bruiser Changes

Greetings, everyone! I welcome you to this post, where I'll add what I would change a bit in AP Juggernauts. While they are relatively fine, I understand that there are quite a lot of problems in them, especially with their itemisation. You know, seeing a Mordekaiser build Sterak's Gage just saddens me... I hope you may discuss about these changes. ---- #Items The big reason why people do not enjoy the current state of AP Bruisers, specifically manaless ones. I do agree the itemisation could be a bit better, and so I want to change some items and add some new ones. **Hextech Gunblade** *Why Gunblade? I can really see the potential for it to be a great bruiser item with the healing effect. But do AP bruisers want AD? Not much. The goal is to remove AD completely in favor of Cooldown Reduction. This should be a nice change for champs like Mordekaiser and Azir actually, aswell as an almost neutral change for Akali due to no AD, but some CDR and lower cost. Sadly goodbye Gunblade for Jax, but there weren't many champs who could benefit from AD and AP on one item anyway.* > - ***Recipe***: ~~Bilgewater Cutlass + Hextech Revolver + 750 Gold~~ -> Fiendish Codex + Hextech Revolver + 1050 Gold > - ***Stats***: ~~+40 AD and +80 AP~~ -> +80 AP and +10% CDR **Howling Cape** *One of two new items I would love to be introduced. It's all about giving bruisers an equivalent of Sterak's Gage. You guessed it - it grants a shield, albeit in a different way.* > - ***Recipe***: Kindle Gem + Needlessly Large Rod + 950 Gold - ***Stats***: +60 AP, +300 Health and +10% CDR - ***UNIQUE Passive***: Every 4 seconds, your next basic attack deals (25% AP) more damage and grants a (20% AP) shield that lasts for 4 seconds. **Martyr’s Gambit** *The other item I would love to introduce. Finally adds an AP variant for QSS, so that poor mages who face champions like Malzahar are not restricted. Also has a nice build-up for AP bruisers, as it provides damage and tankiness.* > - ***Recipe***: Quicksilver Sash + Seeker’s Armguards + 1000 Gold - ***Stats***: +50 AP, +45 Armor and +45 MR - ***UNIQUE Active***: Removes all crowd control debuffs from your champion and slows enemy champions within 450 range by 50% for a second. (90 CD) --- #Champions These changes are tailored towards changing some AP bruisers due to either proposed item changes or reshifting their identity so that some champions can really feel like more of an AP bruiser. {{champion:68}} **Rumble** *Kind of my cheecky favorite to shift his identity towards a real AP bruiser. I do like his current state, hence my decent love towards him. But he can definitely use an experimental tuning to change his playstyle, as he's recently problematic mid lane.* > **Junkyard Titan** - Overheating duration is now reduced by Cooldown Reduction. > **Flamespitter** - ***Danger Zone Bonus Damage***: ~~150%~~ -> 125% - Now heals for 8/11/14/1720% of the damage dealt to enemy champions while in Danger Zone. > **Scrap Shield** - ***Danger Zone Bonus***: ~~+50% shield health and movement speed~~ -> +50% shield health and +0.5 second duration. > **Electro Harpoon** - ***Slow***: ~~15/20/25/30/35%~~ -> 20/25/30/35/40% - ***Danger Zone Bonus***: ~~+50% damage and slow power~~ -> +50% damage and slow duration - Slow no longer stacks. {{champion:131}} **Diana** *Diana's in a tricky balancing situation. A lot of her abilities are either insta-cast or point-and-click, with her Q being the only skillshot. She's even packed with a lot burst damage in an already unhealthy kit. I'm aiming to increase the skill cap of Diana and reduce some of her damage in favor of more survivability.* > **Moonsilver** - ***Attack Speed***: ~~30%~~ -> 40% - ***AP Ratio***: ~~80%~~ -> 70% - Now applies the attack speed buff for 2.5 seconds instead of next three basic attacks. > **Pale Cascade** - ***Mana Cost***: ~~40/55/70/85/100~~ -> 40/50/60/70/80 - ***Damage Per Orb***: ~~22/3446/58/70 (+20%)~~ -> 8/16/24/32/40 (+10% AP) - Orbs no longer explode on contact. - Shield is now reapplied in 60% of the original value for every third Orb that deals damage. > **Lunar Rush** - Is now a skillshot with 750 range. - Now causes Diana to be untargetable and invulnerable for 0.5 seconds while dashing. - ***Damage***: ~~100/160/220 (+60% AP)~~ -> 100/150/200 (+50% AP) {{champion:8}} **Vladimir** *A few nerfs in anticipation that he'll be one of abusers of the changed Gunblade now that it adds Cooldown Reduction instead of AD that he couldn't ever use.* > - ***Base Health***: ~~537~~ -> 520 - ***Health Per Level***: ~~96~~ -> 88 {{champion:82}} **Mordekaiser** *Also small nerfs because of Gunblade. Fun fact - I rush it on Morde even right now.* > **Obliterate** - ***Cooldown***: ~~9/7.75/6.5/5.25/4~~ -> 9/8/7/6/5 {{champion:223}} **Tahm Kench** *Changing some of his scalings to let him be theorycrafted as an AP bruiser. Let's not bench the Kench for casual play.* > **Thick Skin** - ***Damage to Gray Health***: ~~40/45/50/55/60%~~ -> 50% (+5% per 100 AP, up to 50%) - Shield Duration is now increased by 0.2 seconds per 100 AP. {{champion:517}} **Sylas** *Sylas is not doing so hot right now because of his nerfs to shut down his competitive presence entirely. It was actually enough for him to be picked only twice during Worlds. I do want his niche as an AP bruiser and magic damage counter to be stronger, so instead of buffing his damage, it's most likely better to increase his survivability.* > **Abscont** - ***Cooldown***: ~~14~~ -> 12 --- I hope you enjoyed my ideas for AP bruisers. Discuss on them or suggest your own by submiting a comment in this thread. See you next time! :D
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