(Champion Concept)Akiko,The Miko of Life -UPDATED-

Akiko, The Miko of Life Lore: Everyone from Akiko's village would always call her The Sleeping Beauty because she always like's to sleep when there is nothing to do.But everyone from her village knows that Akiko will help her people when they need it.The thing about Akiko is that no one can figure out how does Akiko know when someone is in need of help. Somehow she is always in the right place at the right moment.The answer lies in her dreams.The trees are visiting her dreams and tell Akiko who is in danger.And her latest dream was no exception,but this one was different,it was a nightmare to her.The trees told her that she must warn the village about the invasion of Noxus and take the last seed of the forest with her and seek the Grand Tree of Life.Akiko was able to warn everyone and took the seed with her.With her village in good hands she decided to talk with the Head Priest about her dream and ask for his help in finding the The Grand Tree of Life.The Head Priest told Akiko that for her to see the Grand Tree,she will need to train in the ways of the Miko.And so she did.The Head Priest was surprised by her speed of learning.After a couple of months she was ready to take the final exam to becoming a Miko.She was to pass the tests given by the Grand Tree.Akiko has reached the final stage of the test.The Grand Tree told her to meditate for an entire month without sleeping.And so a month passed and she was successful.What Akiko didn't know was that the purpose of the test was not to challenge her abilities but to help her fusion her soul with the seed she was carrying.By fusing with the seed Akiko gained an unimaginable connection with the life around her. Akiko was able to feel darkness in people and in the lands.Because of the growing darkness Akiko decided to leave Ionia and seek allies to help her in her quest of protecting not only her home,but everyone's home. Base Stats: Health:520(+75) Health Regen:5.4(+0.56) Energy:200 Energy Regen: 5 Attack Damage:44(+2.3) Attack Speed:0.587(+2.6%) Armor:22.56(+3.5) Mr:30(+1.5) Movement Speed:325 Range:525 Spells Passive:Life Force Affinity 1.Turns 25% of mana items into energy. Q:The Chain Talisman::Cooldown(Low-Medium)Cost(x)Duration(x)Range(x) Akiko pour her energy into her talisman.If it hits and enemy it will stun him and she will be able to activate her "E". W:Leaf(Ginkgo)Shield :Cooldown(Medium)Cost(x)Duration(x)Range(x) Ally and Self:Creates a shield.The champion who has the shield will absorb the damage dealt to the shield and turn it into spiritual energy or mana. E:Prayer to the Trees :Cooldown(High)Cost(None)Duration(x)Range(x) Passive:For every 7 spells used near Akiko, it will give her "W" an additional effect.When the shield get destroyed,it will absorb (X) mana of the enemy around the ally which shield has been destroyed. Active:If the ally has more max health than the enemy it will pull the enemy into him.If the enemy has more max hp then the ally it will pull the ally into the enemy. R:Seed of Life: Cooldown(none)Cost(x)Duration(x/x/x)Range(x) Active :Akiko will plant a Ginko Seed but only in places where the life force is really strong.Brushes and Rivers.Only 2 can stay in the map.It takes 3 mins for the seed to charge up.Any ally can activate it but only if 3 mins have passed. When activated it will create a zone that will do these: 1.Allies in the zone will be able to use any spells with no cost. 2.Enemis in the zone will have to pay with their health to use spells.
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