I like playing premade with my friends

**And the reason i like it is becaus it's fun.** Riot, if we want to have fun with friends, we go in a **Normal Game** Riot, if we want to be serious with friends, we go in a **Ranked Team Game** Right now, Dynamic queue is only here to make people half kinda tryhard, and be match-made with other people who are not all premades. Besides, dynamic Q does not allow for friends from different divisions to queue together... *I've seen many friendships fade away because of this :'(* I really liked Ranked teams.... you got rewarded, (good rewards that made people feel proud of their teamwork too) So instead of dynamic Q, you should have made ranked teams more accessible (Please give us **Magma Cave!!!!!!** implement a 2v2 team ranked mode) Once you give the ranked teams back, you can choose to implement a 2v2 game mode, and then you can make soloQ great again, since duo people won't need to go there anymore. ***PLEASE LISTEN TO ME*** PS: I hope people don't just downvote because of the title

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