Getting mad at the thing you enjoy - Why people on the boards love to hate

A lot of people love to go to the Boards and spit acid down their keyboard. They enjoy talking about how horrible the game has become etc. There is a reason for that because when you experience anger, it’s almost impossible not to feel like a victim, for all anger can be understood as a reaction to what in this case feels unfair to you. Of course, it wasn't your fault you lost that promo game, it had to be because of Riot buffing X champion last patch. In such instances, you feel unjustifiably attacked, taken advantage of, betrayed and treated badly. Your anger serves the function of restoring your own dignity and respect for yourself. There’s a perverse pleasure in getting mad. Despite the fact that anger rarely solves anything, at the moment it still gives you satisfaction. It makes you feel like the victim, and therefore the opposition becomes the villain. It is important that we all catch these behaviors. Wait half an hour before you post something on the boards. It might not be as unfair as you think. If you do not enjoy to play League of Legends, do not play it. If I have bad games and start getting annoyed with the game, I simply stop. There is no need to play a game you do not enjoy.
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