Decent patch but the game is still garbage

During the entire S6 until now my opinion about this game always went down non-stop. I admit that the latest patch was decent because finally I've seen nerfs to some overpowered champions but the game is still pure gargbage. **Variety** Top: {{champion:57}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:126}} Mid: {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} Jung: {{champion:64}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:104}} Adc: {{champion:110}} {{champion:202}} Sup: From this patch I can finally see a bit of variety I played more than 100 ranked games and I have never seen picked the following champions: {{champion:266}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:83}} Before you ask yes, I checked it already on In my entire match history none of the champions above can be found. Every game is the same: same bans, same picks, same items and builds for all champions and roles. **Bot lane** Bot lane is the most frustrating experience that this game offers. There are always parties in this lane since ADC are worthless. They can be pulverized by anyone in milliseconds with little or no counterplay and their source of damage no longer comes from autos but from spells. I had enough of these 4-man ganks bot with teleports and mid laners perma-roaming. It's ridiculous that I can't even place a ward that I see TPs, flashes and 4 mans going all in on the ADC. Bot lane seems like a place where all players from other lanes come to farm ADCs. From the point of view of the ADC vision and map awareness are almost useless since people use TP and gank right under your turret in 4 and of course turret gives you zero protection. The sad thing is that I am really starting to think that the best strategy nowadays is that you should not have ADCs in the game. Better pick Pantheon ADC or an AP mage. Oh and what about lethality? **CC have never been so useless** CC don't make any sense now. For example what's the point of using a CC on Kata or Talon? They can still OS their targets and eventually go away with resets and/or overpowered escapes. **Junglers** In past we had a very limited amount of ganks compared to what we have now. Now we have 1 gank every 50 seconds somewhere. I don't like all these junglers that can be so effective, oppressive and that can start ganking from level 2 non-stop. Not to mention that the current state of junglers doesn't really allow you to pick different mid/late game junglers. You always have to pick the same ones. When game ends you realise that you lost/win your lane because of junglers, TPs or roams especially in bot lane. Basically the game no longer give you chance to beat your opponent and win your lane 1 vs 1 (or 2 vs 2) alone since junglers are perma-ganking and always help to push turrets. I remember when in S4 and S5 I had an average of 2 or 3 ganks per game during the laning phase but now it's ridiculous. Ganks, TPs and roams are so frequent that I can't even go back to buy items! I have never heard so many "ss" pings! I could be wrong. Maybe all I said is false but you know what? The game is not fun to play and this is a fact for me. S4 was the last season that I really loved to play. S5 was so and so. S6 was bad and this season is the worst. Peace.
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