Riot Balance team vs Rengar

Lets not give Rengar skin(Chroma doesn't count) or a buff for 3 god damn Years (rework doesn't count beacuse Riot literaly thought of it in the toilet). Its true and in the patches when he got a buff the nerf was bigger so it doesn't it count! Im sure half of your balance team just watched video of 10/1 Rengar oneshot somebody 80%of the champs can oneshot when they are that fed . Honestly might as well remove Rengar from the game so the Rengar mains go to play dota2.We the Rengar mains try are butts out for a middy oker reward at least make his damn Q deal more damage than Janna auto at level 1! And with he W i understand that you want me to jump and use all my abillities so there is a window of counterplay but he has to be assasin and wasting his survevabillity spell to oneshot someone while waiting his Q to finish cast in the midle of the team oh wait you can't go to the adc or midlaner cus the ulti sucks ass in teamfighst most of the time you have to jump on the ADC or midlaner without the crit and they allready know where you are ao you don't even jump half the god damn time ! See how much you %%%ed up Rito (alot) so the next time adc asks nerf Rengar that is beacuse 1.he is silver-bronze 2.gets greedy for farm.3 doesn't know how to play without favechecking bushes.You gave Rengar more counterplay than Amumu gj.You made Rengar a fokin tank are you happy .I remember in the W and armour patch you said he was to healthy. (if you call half hp healty)Compare to lee sin or Elise who cam still oneshot you have escape and healthyer and faster clear than him .So the next patch you realise that Rengar is too strong at 20% hp and nerf his Q to deal less damage than a janna auto and make him not able to do a full clear(basicly you needet to chese someone to be acxeptable not good but acceptable ).
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