ARURF- Why i hate it

Alright look i love URF i really do, but it does get annoying always seeing the same champs in every game of it. So of course riot decided to create All Random Urf. Now listen, i don't like hating on stuff but let's be honest this is even less fun. You will automatically loose if the others have better champs (Op ones) Example. What should i do with a Rek'sai in urf, or with Gangplank or with Singed. I got those and meanwhile others get Fizz, Lux, Cho'Gath. Which are insanely op in Urf. And i? Well i can't do single shit. Riot why do you not just take the normal URF with a 6 or 10 ban system? Is it that hard? Because i rather spend time banning the champs i don't like seeing or playing against and then play a game where i can have fun. But like this? You know you will loose before the game starts, you know you won't do shit with the champ you got. And the worst is, when you reroll you either get a shittier champ or a champ you played last match. like jeez, i hate urf now so much because it's so unfair, not fun anymore and just forces you to play a champ which you suck at, or which sucks in URF.
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