ARAM is a complete joke, almost the same as Twisted Treeline now. Basically, because Riot are lazy and do not want to unlock ALL the champions in ARAM for it to be "truely random", they are perfectly happy for people to set up alternative accounts where they just play ARAM and unlock ONLY champions that are overpowered/broken in ARAM like {{champion:55}}. You would be surprised how much {{champion:22}} and {{champion:67}} show up in ARAM. Now is this just me, or is this cheating because the idea was that the mode was supposed to be "RANDOM" and not picked out of every champ you've unlocked so far, basically tipping the scales in the favor of smurf getting a preferred choice. Personally, I'd like to see any kind of people using smurf accounts banned as it creates a toxic environment in the 5v5 SR too but this just annoys me because Riot do not do anything about these accounts which are pretty obviously trying to cheat at ARAM so they can either level up or IP farm. This mode is just not fun anymore because of this. Riot needs to unlock ALL the champs so that its a truly RANDOM experience.

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