I miss Dominion

After a long day at work I enjoyed playing (in my personal opinion) League's enjoyable game mode Dominion. The thing I dislike about ARAM is the uncertainty of the champions everyone gets. Not everyone can master 150 odd champs. ARAM is purely down to the luck of the draw and I don't think League has an algorithm to determine an equal spread of inexperienced champs to that of experienced ones. I've been in games where our team got lucky and we all got our mains or secondary picks and steamrolled our way to the nexus or the opposite would happen to the other side. Other games multiple CC champs or long range DPS champs on one side and the other side has melee champs. These situations are not rare and happen regularly as I mostly reside in ARAM these days. The frustration builds up over time and leaves a bad taste and some anxiety praying you actually get a good roll when you click Accept. Back in the dominion days everyone could pick whatever champs they wanted or were comfortable with. At that time, the player base had at least a choice of game modes but it's surprising that as the population of players grow, the game decided to shrink in options by getting rid of a game mode and replacing it with the random game modes queue. Not all of the random game modes are fun and they are far and in between as it has been a while since we last got one. I still believe there is a place for dominion permanently and also a place for random game modes.
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