Preventative anti-botting system.

I have leveled up a fresh account. I have played a few ARAMs (64W 37L). Yet there are still occasional bots. The bots follow a simple pattern: They use ghost and heal, they follow the exact same builds (one for AD, one for AP champs) and they die around 18 times on average. An example of a such bot: You might ask, how does the bot get wins? To that, the answer is simple. Against other bots: Why am I annoyed by this? Put yourself in the shoes of a new player. Imagine the fun they have, losing because they get a bot to their team, forcing the new player to play a 4v6 instead of a 5v5. I am fully aware Riot will ban the level-up bots in cycles. But the bot in question had already reached level 21. Why Riot won't implement a preventative anti-botting system? It shouldn't be that difficult to code and would also work as an anti-feed system: -If a player dies over 15 times in 5 consecutive matches, the system would automatically flag the account. -A person (Yes, an actual Riot employee) would check the match histories of such players to see, if they are unlucky, feeding or botting. Figuring out what player is a bot isn't that difficult. -If a player is confirmed to be a bot, they would be put into a specific queue for bots, where they wait to be banned. What would this cost to Riot? A salary of an employee. A salary of a coder to implement such a system. What would Riot profit from it? More fun experience for new players. More possible paying customers. More XP boosters bought by actual players leveling up an account.
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