Victorious AAtrox isn't bad

Hey, i've been playing since s2 or s1 i don't really remember, but in my opinion Vic aatrox is at least a third best victorious skin for me, going after Victorious morgana and elise. Ofc Janna and Jarvan have value but apart from those ones, i've been kinda dissapointed in another ones. And im saying this even though i don't play aatrox much, maybe once or twice a month. I know that he's kinda similiar to justicar aatrox but it's not the same. imo it's better than justicar one. I was dissapointed by the previous skins too, Maokai, graves, oriana (even though i used to main mid) but i never complained about it, now i see alot of people crying and complaining about aa skin, asking for the somekind of victorious token, which they could redeem to get any victorious skin they wanted, and i think that's a total bullshit. Taking value from old skins, from the players that were loyal to the game and were decent at it. I myself wanted that juicy victorious elise skin so bad but i didnt managed to get out of the silver in s3 so i didn't get it, but it's cool. Just deal with it people.
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