After almost 6 years I quit league of legends

SoloQing is the worst thing ever, diamond seems full of apes who are boosted and can't play, the game mostly ends up ff min 15 or 20. Every game someone clicks no on surrender vote 3/2, and you need to play another 30+min, waste your time and energy on a game that is already lost because these idiots just won't surrender and you can't alt f4 because you will get a leaverbuster for 20min 5x games. Zoe is unbalanced, sylas heal is too high, yasuo is too strong currently, the meta is forcing you to buy defensive items even if you don't want to. Players are horrible, riot support doesn't care about their players, too many useless buffs and nerfs... The game doesn't even feel like moba it's a lottery if you are going to get bad or good teammates. The system is working on making your winrate 50-55% and matches you with players with bad KDA. The chat is too toxic, you can't even play because if you die once players will start pinging you so you need to mute them on pings and chat and lose information of where enemy is sometimes, because you can't see the missing ping and ss in chat. The ban system doesn't even punish trolls and inters most of the time. If you get banned (10game chat restriction) for saying to someone they are %%%%%%ed for inting your lane, you lose honor and rewards. No voice chat, too many champions coming out; lcs and streamers don't even enjoy playing the game, they only care about sponsors and money and the list goes on and on. So many bugs that have been out for years and riot still didn't fix them, they don't listen to the community. I had over 20 friends who play league, all of them stopped playing because they can't stand the toxicity. People who leave in the first minute or two and you can't /remake anymore. Losing -3, -10 lp for dodging games because someone got autofilled and picks soraka with ghost and cleanse and wants to int your lane. Too many racist players and weirdos, no lifers who play 24/7 and don't give a %%%% about losing or winning, griefers and players giving up. Players don't pick what is suitable for team comp they just pick what they want to play which mostly ends up in a loss. This is %%%%ing horrible, I can't even write anymore I am too tired for this. Rip lol, in 3-5 years this game will die out, it was good while it lasted.
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