8-2 Placements and silver V?

Hey does anyone have a clue how i could end up in silver V, i lost the first game of series due to a ridiculous team, okay can happen then i won 5 lost 1 more and won the last few aswell. i ended up 8-2 in placements, I know that placements are supposed to match you with random MMR, saying 1 game your up against someone with a higher mmr and if you win that one you will be placed against a higher mmr team then your last match, how come so that ive been placed for the 1st game vs silver IV and III and the other 9 games ive been placed against bronze I-silver IV ive never had the chance to prove my self its litterally so unfair i won all those 8 games and all 8 games i carried the shit out of my team and i did not get tested on higher mmr's this pisses me off

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