About TFT and Nexus Blitz

For what it's worth, I wanted to get my thoughts out: Earlier this year, after the best time I ever had with League (Nexus blitz in december), it was announced that this "experimental mode" would not be implemented permanently. A few rather nonsensical reasons were given, one of them being that there had been to few player to support making it permanent - while a few sentences before, the same author stated, Nexus Blitz had had the "most players of any mode, except for URF". This post was also flooded with commentors stating that NB was the best format for a number of reasons: - not painfully long (SR) and with a fixed end (sudden death) - fast income/items and power spikes - not random (HA/BB) - not a meme (TT) - interesting mechanics and events (catapult, burning circle, ...) - less toxic because it's not being taken as seriously and ends quickly Now, we got TFT, which to me seemed like a "oh DOTA is successful with this, lets do it too" idea. Somehow, TFT managed to get made permanent in a matter of weeks, while Nexus Blitz is sorely missed for the reasons mentioned above. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate TFT, but I'm not a fan either. To me, it gets very stale after just a few rounds, but others players love it and that's great. But why remove/not implement a mode everyone loved? TFT is a different game entirely, except for the names in the game. When I log onto League, I want to play the heroes I've played for years and thanks to Nexus Blitz, we saw a glimpse of what quick matches full of action, fun mechanics without random selection could look like. The interest in League that I had lost thanks to SR often taking an hour and ARAM being just that, random, came back to me. It saddens me to see this experience be replaced by an entirely different game - like being shown an awesome new Starcraft expansion and being told to "try Diablo, you'll like it, that expansion is just playable one week per year!". I guess what I'm trying to say is: Riot, please consider making Nexus Blitz permanent.
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