Pressing G (default) again should leave ping-mode cursor

Ever been recalling and you intentionally (or unintentionally) pressed G (default)? In order to left click an objective, you either had to ping something or move, cancelling your recall. When you press G, your cursor goes into ping mode (it looks like the [normal]( one except it has a question mark next to it) and you can't left-click to check objective's hp without pinging at it. It could result in you baiting your teammates with pings if they follow it! Of course you could ping somewhere random but in soloq the less you ping the more teammates will follow. Why do this when there's a pretty simple solution? I'd recommend pings to stay the same, only with an addition of pressing G (default) would exit ping mode and put the cursor back into its [normal mode]( to avoid unnecessary pinging.

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