What are your common mistakes/areas for improvement?

As a slight departure from the usual "It's not me, it's my team" type posts, I thought that it might be a good exercise for us to share with others the parts of the game that we feel that we most want/need to improve on. Perhaps, others might come along and offer some advice too! :) Me: The thing that I want to do is to stop getting caught in the wrong position or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am a support main, I often find myself going to help team mates in fights only to be left alone and then being 3v1'd. It's a situational problem and hard to explain. I guess that it comes down to my decision-making around when to go in and when to run away from unwinnable fights. Or when to stick to my ADC and when to realise that he won't survive (even with my help) and get the hell out of there. How about you?
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