Honor system improvements (idea)

So given that you can only honor 1 person now each game oppose to the unlimited times you could in the past it lets some people down in the game now that i have come to play more duos. For instance when i play with my m8 i always honor him, why, because hes my premade regardless if he carries or feeds it just how it is. So if i get carried by a rabdom (lets give an example) say my toplaner urgot just soloed the game and destroyed them and my premade ezreal fed like a crazy %%%%%, i would still honor him for tiltproof l. In some way this just makes it unfair for the player who did all the work as he wouldnt be apreshiated due to duo queue players. What i think should happen to benefit these playes and not be let down by duo players rito should change the the maximum to 2 honors per person instead of 1 just so that duo players can honor their premades and someone else that they think that stood out. I mean this might be very stupid but its just on opinion :D (PS: dont kill me pls)
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