which champions do you want to see for the next reworks

i my self am thinking about {{champion:1}} And why. Ever since Riot Games released the origin trailer of Annie i thought Annie could be such an amazing champion. If u see the Annie of the trailer and the Annie in game then u see 2 completely different champions. The Annie of the trailer feels like a real child with dark powers. and the annie in game feels like an annoying stupid little girl. + another reason why she should be reworked is that his current playstyle and kit are very boring. u cant make great plays with her and do amazing things like outplays and stuff. Her E ability doesnt even belong on a champion like Annie its more like an ability for a tank. But i also think that Pantheon needs a rework aswell. His kit is too simple and u cant outplay people or make great plays with him. Both pantheon and annie are pretty outdated. And i know that Riot games wants to rework pantheon in the future. Mordekaiser will be the next reworked champion and i hope they wont ***** him up like they did last time
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