Is Kayn worth buying?

So I was saving up IP for Kayn. Currently have around 5500. But apparently people are saying that he isn't as strong as he seems and there are better champions to buy. I personally wanted to buy Twitch because of his insane damage and carry potential, Galio because he provides good CC and survivability, which is essential in low elo (yes, I'm bronze) or Caitlyn, because she's a super safe ADC and has insane damage. I can play pretty much every role (apart from support, which I don't mind playing every once in a while since I usually do quite well) but my best roles right now are ADC and jungle. I went from low b3 to b1 in a few days by just playing Jhin, who I really enjoy. Basically, the whole point of this post is whether I should save up 7800 for Kayn, or just buy someone else with the IP that I have.
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