Me and Ranked.

Me and Ranked... We've never really seen eye to eye. I'll have a little dig at it every now and again, It'll chew me up and spit me back out then I'll leave it alone for a while. But recently, I've been really thinking about giving ranked a push, but I know I can't, simply because I know that I don't have enough Champ diversity and I can only play one role to an effective level. That role being jungler on Lee, Yi or Vi. (Ok, And I can do a decent enough job on Braum Jungle, But I am not taking that into ranked.) Now, My problem is that If I don't get jungler, I become a free snack for my enemy unless I sit under my tower/Play something OP. I can somewhat play support, but still... EDIT: Thanks to everyone who left a suggestion (Even though it was only four of you...) And the Troll? Go away.
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