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I'm writing down my thoughts since i played my last game for this season. Riot now and then pops up a research panel, asking us how the overall experience was for the last weeks. Well, i tried hard all my games in solo queue, playing champions that i' m familiar with and all i had in return was people (mostly premades) not giving any ..... about the game or the effort of the others. What made me lose any hope (if there was any left) was the fact that during my promos for g3, i was matched with a silver2 adc, who picked vayne on request (yep! he insisted on playing adc) and ended up having a 1-10 score, 4 levels behind the enemy adc and 8 cs in 7 minutes (yes, i know, it's unbelievable). Why Riot? Why let him ruin the game that 9 other people tried to enjoy? It's obvious that i suck, otherwise i wouldn't be playing in gold, but as i read the charts, a 30-40% of the overall players play in gold, so we would normally expect that they meet certain requirements. I can't continue on playing a game that shows no respect to me or my efforts. On the contrary, it disrespects me, trying to push me to my limits, trying to make me lose my temper, so that it will serve me a "chat ban" or whatever. The game tells us "shut your mouths and put up with whatever garbage i serve you with, cause i don't need any of you, i have tyler1 back who can flame freely". No Riot, there can't be that kind of matchings on league of legends. G3 players should be matched with players between G2 and G4 and if there is a hidden mmr, then show it to us and make the adjustment. I don't want to read any excuse of supposedly having to wait longer in queues etc. Fix the matchmaking and we don't mind to wait a couple of extra minutes, trust us on that. What you don' t realise probably is that this game has been around for almost 9 years and most of the playerbase is now way over 23-24 years old. No Riot, you can't be treating people like this. You have to show respect eventually. Silvers should play with silvers, golds with golds, plats with plats etc. And more importantly, people who excel at their roles and lanes, shouldn't be treated like garbage, because a member of their team decided he can feed his ... off in a ranked game. Tbh Riot, there can't be adc with 8 cs in 7 mins. Not in gold, not in silver, not even in bronze. If this guy does that once, twice. thrice, then its time, you should temporarily ban him from the ranked queue, telling him to practice more before he rejoins. Overall, this year was a complete disappointment. I don't know if your management doesn't care anymore or maybe you don't give a ..... about solo queue, i don't know what to say. If you don't take any real measures that will make again the solo queue actually competitive, neither me, neither a lot of people will return next season. P.S. I really think, some people in Riot should call it quits and let the company hire some serious professionals. P.S. 2 I hope people will read this and finally fix the game. HAppy new year all!
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