Lux Poke / Hunter's Potion Removal

Make Lux's E ramp up in damage to fix E poke support lux. At max ramp-up, make it deal the same damage it deals now. Is the Hunter's Potion removal Riot's final nail in the coffin for farming junglers? Now every single jungler will gank mid 2 mins in, again 3 mins in with double buff this time and then proceed to camp bot (or top with herald), with the occasional mid gank without ult? Is this really what you want? Your lane to be decided by the jungler? Do you want to be a full-time babysitter? Because you won't be able to powerfarm without always being at the brink of death thanks to the hunter's potion removal, always one electrocute combo away from death if the enemy jungle finds you. Disgusting meta, honestly. Disgusting. I can't believe just how far they're willing to go to reward the "anti-player". Someone who plays not for themselves, but so other people won't be able to play. Someone with no scaling or 1v2 potential, just a parasitic champ preventing others from playing. And I thought adding bounty for farm and 3v1s STILL being more profitable than 1v1s was the limit. Now they're directly going for the powerfarmers. The people not meddling with others' business.
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