Ways I disregard Meta. Thoughts please. (With a bonus on how "feeding" can lead to wins)

Nothing makes me happier than someone trying to tell me how to play, based on cookie cutters, without any use of their own brain. :) I break meta. A lot. I simply do things differently than what I'm told. Usually, this results in SOMEONE getting twisted panties. Been maining Kayle, so I will be using her for an example. Much of this stuff doesn't apply to most champions. I sometimes lane with smite. Tracker's Knife provides an abundance of wards. I can quickly take the enemy jungle buffs and Scuttler, if I have the opportunity or need. I can help steal/finish dragons and Baron. On top of all this, I'm usually sitting at almost 2.5 attacks per second by the end of my build, so Bloodrazor, and its additional 4% HP on basic attacks, is pretty darned good. I forego boots. (OH MY!) As Kayle, I have a slow AND a movement speed buff. In addition, several of the items I buy have a bit of movement enhancement. Movement speed just isn't quite as valuable on Kayle. Berserker's cost 1100. 35% attack speed and a bit of movement speed. Then I have to turn around and sell it later. Zeal costs 1300 and provides 5% (16.75 on Kayle) movement speed, 15% attack speed, 20% crit chance, and builds into a couple of my full build items. Recurve bow costs 1000 and provides 25% attack speed and deals an additional 15 physical damage on hit.... and AGAIN builds into some of my full build items. In short, boots are not universally mandatory. I start Ancient Coin and Faerie Charm. Like a boss. Why? Because, with mana regen seals and these two items, Kayle's sustain is stupid, unless you don't know what you are doing. I can provide constant pressure on lane, forcing the enemy oom, keeping myself healed, and preventing the enemy from backing without putting themselves at a huge disadvantage. On top of that, with my masteries and Ancient Coin, I'm getting 5 gold per minion death I don't last hit. That gives me the comfort of playing a bit safer when need be. I can also hide in the grass and wait until the enemy gets confident for a nice surprise, without feeling like I'm sacrificing too much farm. Ancient Coin literally pays for itself. And with the recent buff of 5% CD reduction on Ancient Coin, its gotten a bit better. I FEED a fed laner. That's right, you heard me. I don't always stand under the turret when my enemy laner is fed (for whatever reason. I can't count the times my jungler has failed ganks and put my lane at a disadvantage. Though, I'm guilty of a terrible start sometimes, too.) In fact, what I do may look outright stupid, to people who don't understand the method behind the madness. To elaborate, there are certain champions that can almost one shot you with just three kills to your 0. When you're going to die under your turret, why stand there and take significantly less farm? Generally, this is what happens, using top as an example. Fizz, Akali, Riven, etc get fed and can just about 1-shot Kayle before I can ult. At this point, my first turret goes down fast. The enemy laner, not wanting to get too deep, starts roaming other lanes instead. So, I've got a variety of options, now: 1.) I can stand back under my turret and farm, allowing the enemy laner to roam as he pleases, crushing my team due to a few bad plays at start. I CAN go this route, but chances are the game will end in our defeat long before I catch up. This is what most people expect. 2.) I can go to other lanes, and TRY to salvage the mess I've made. Again, I'm losing basically all farm, and chances are we'll still get destroyed. On top of that, my lane's turret is completely vulnerable, with no one in the lane. 3.) I can push as hard and fast as I can, clearing 3-5 minion waves per run, and eventually taking the enemy's turret. And, I'll die. A LOT. However, I force the enemy to pay attention to me. I get tons of farm. USUALLY, what happens is that the fed laner comes up to get his free kill. This takes pressure off of the other lanes, puts the fed laner in a position to be picked off. That fed laner is killing me, the lowest valued kill on my team at that point, when he could do a whole lot more damage and get more gold in a team fight in another lane. USUALLY, this will go on until one of their teammates who is struggling thinks I'm a free kill. They come top, I kill them. I continue to push, and they are forced to let even more pressure off the other lanes, to deal with me. With Kayle, once I get to the point that I can kill most enemy champs 1v1, while my ult is up, that feed becomes irrelevant. Of course, your team will be raging the whole time, because they think your genius is insanity or stupidity. This happened in a recent game, with Fizz. I went 0/8 before I got my first kill. When the game ended, I had taken down 5 turrets, two inhibs, and had a 15/10 score. S- (And the only S of any kind on either team) Of course, the entire early-mid game my team is raging "uninstall" "noob" "how are you Mastery 7" "report for feeding" etc. In short, take your religion that is meta and shove it. Cheers. **DISCLAIMER:** _All of these things are situational. If you think running into a game and deliberately feeding from the start will lead to wins, you've missed the point. If you think that _**I**_ think that, you've missed the point. If you buy Ancient Coin or use Bandit on a Jungler, you've missed the point. If you think feeding an Akali or Fizz as Kayle is a solid strat, when you still have other viable solutions such as buying magic resist (like Wit's End), early, you've missed the point. The point behind all of this is to use that thing above your shoulders for more than keeping your headset over your ears. _ EDIT: Apparently people are STILL missing the point. The point is not that meta is inherently bad. Meta is, overall, usually effective. The point is that thinking that anything non-meta is inherently bad is simple-minded. Meta is a collection of huge generalizations that do not account for specific situations. EVERYTHING is situational. Which brings me to my second point. Everything I listed above can royally screw you in a game. Everything. If you do any of it inappropriately, you'll probably do fairly terrible. The point isn't "this works for me/has worked for me, so do it!" That's the way meta works, not what I am saying. What I am saying is that EVERYTHING is situational. So, THINK. Think about what you are doing. Think about what others are doing. Make decisions based on what will be most effective in the situation..... not what is common. Don't rage at others because you don't understand what is going on past the build or strategy you read or watched online.
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