More divisions more problems

By add more divisions on league's rank system i think only problems u gonna make and ppl who already are bored thry gonna abandom for sure, i playing this game since S1 and the more the features u add the more u make only for profesionals and not for single ppl who want to play it for fun. Alrady the game push his limits with the buffs + new runes that from one side ia easy for new ppl but more easier for the pros to have the upper hand in games, by add more div to remove ppl from ther leagues on rank u not do something special, by add role queve and rank role/lane queve u not help ppl learn game by main one lane, u miss the fun to discover new ways of this game,.. we are not profecionals to play one main role with our team and the most of ppl its sure they not even have the chance to be on a good team roster, get back to RL, we work, we have problems with our ppl, we have to spent time with many other things that a team of imagination or hope to play . So by makng complicated this game is only to remove ppl from this game, to make them find somethi g other easier and with more fun. We all love this game, as i said i play since his starting point, i saw all the changes step by step... it hurt me if i say " the game is not the same" as it was...
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