Zed vs Lux

What do you guys think of when you see Zed vs Lux, that the Zed will win right ? Well now I understand that I may have lost as a Zed vs Lux because maybe she was better than me but I will tell you something that I noticed: Energy ends when you do a single combo of Q W E as a Zed but It recharges fast unlike the mana right? But right now Mana is better than Energy thanks to the stupid changes Riot's balance team did: they buffed mana early game and nerfed it late game... classic Riot... So apparently the match I've played against Lux I was forced to back 3 times for 4 minutes by simply trying to farm without getting poked too much but It is inevitable when the enemy Lux non-stop spams Q W E without even getting punished, whereas I recalled 4 times she recalled 1 time and to take items... She had Doran's Ring she was just spamming abilities non-stop without worrying that her mana will end hopefully for her, her mana was not even close to end despite her 24/7 ability spamming... Not to talk about the fact that even If you can kill a mage in lane is just until she/he gets {{item:3157}}
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